The HoB – House of Brains initiative is a Strategic Cooperation Project between Higher Education Institutions and Businesses aiming at improving university graduates’ skills and competences, in order to better match skills provisions to the need of enterprises.

The project has been devised within the framework of the European Union cofunded programme Erasmus Plus. It involves ten partners coming from four EU countries. The project duration is of 36 months (from September 2014 to August 2017).

The scope of the project is to implement a Virtual Learning Enviroment HOBPLATFORM, that will provide for highly-specialized training courses devoted to university graduates.

The resulting HoB online Training Catalogue will be developed by the partners on the basis of real needs detected from the enterprises, hence focusing mostly on those horizontal skills and competences dealing with the sense of initiative and entrepreneurship (which are highly appreciated by the enterprises and often underrepresented in higher education curricula)

A comprehensive Comparative Report, including  context analys and good practices, on the status of the cooperation between University and Businesses in the four involved countries (Germany, Italy, Slovenia and Spain) will be delivered, as a preparatory action to the implementation of the HoB Training Catalogue.

After the testing phase of the HOBPLATFORM (that will involve in  2016-2017 a dozen of graduate students per partner country). The Virtual Learning Environment will be accessible to users and its outcomes duly disseminated. The Consortium will then manage to set up an ad hoc organization/enterprise to continuing further the delivery of the innovative training path.

•    Graduates and Graduate Students (of any faculty, major or specialisation)
•    Enterprises and/or Business support organizations
•    Higher Education Institutions / Research Centers